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Say ALHAMDULILLAH 3x. Then Reblog to Share the HASANAT. We will BENEFIT so much :)

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Can you stop with the stupid "straight white boy" crap. You're being just as sexist as you claim they are

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let me say it in spanish: no
let me say it in french: non
let me say it again in english because i ran out of languages: no
I put up with a lot of crap on a daily basis. I put up with a lot of crap that I don’t talk about because I think about it enough in real life and go on here to forget about it. If I had a dollar for every time I have been fucking disrespected, humiliated, dehumanized, and insulted by a man (notice: not just a straight white, men in general) I’d have enough to cover my full college tuition for a good ten years. I don’t hate men, but I’m not exactly happy with them either. You can call the jokes I make or reblog sexist, but it does not fucking compare to the time I applied for job and the guy who was in charge of interviewing me tried to make a move on me because I was “young and exotic”. A joke about snapbacks or cargo shorts or blazing it does not compare to consistently being reminded by everyone around me that I shouldn’t go into certain career paths because they’re male dominated. It doesn’t fucking compare to the fact that I have to walk home clutching my keys and praying to a God that I don’t believe in so that I won’t get hurt by any of the guys who eye me when they walk by. It doesn’t fucking compare to not being able to wear certain clothes because it’ll cause me to be the recipient of unwanted male attention. A typed joke about white boy drinking monster energy drinks does not compare to constantly having to be wary of all the men/boys I interact with because I know that 1 in 3 women will experience sexual or physical assault. It doesn’t compare. 


Cry your privileged little tears and go scream equality for everyone!!!!!!!

Did anything change? Fuck no, you’re still the privileged lil shit head who can’t seem to grasp the understanding that if people make fun of, for example white or hetero people it’s because NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THEM except they’re privileged lil hearts feel sore for a min or two. Meanwhile, minorities stay facing harassment that majorities couldn’t even dream of.



this movie is gonna fuck me up

Same here 🙆

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this is my favourite tweet

oh , i can be Liam’s new turtle .

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نسيت نفسي مع هالجيف

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